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Apollo Investment Fund Plc

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the website of Apollo Investment Fund Plc.

Apollo Investment Fund Plc is an investment company  whose main activity is the management and maintenance of a closed-end investment portfolio.

The management of the investment portfolio of the Company aims to  realise profit from capital gains from the sale of assets as well as profit  from income arising from its assets.  The aim of the Company is to maximise the internal value of the share of the Company while taking the lowest risk possible. 

The Board of Directors of the Company in cooperation with their professional advisors examines the domestic, European and international capital markets and money markets and forms the investment policy accordingly.

The portfolio of the Company mainly consists of securities traded in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and Athens Stock Exchange as well as in other international stock exchanges.  The Company's investment decisions are based on the fundamental economic data of companies while taking into account  market conditions. The Portfolio Managers increase or decrease the investments in shares or securities in Cyprus and abroad according to the predicted conditions of the market.

The Board of Directors welcomes you to our website.  The aim of this website is to keep our shareholders and other interested parties updated about the latest news and developments of the Apollo Investment Fund Plc.

We hope you find this website informative and easy to use.

Yours sincerely


 Marinos Kallis

Chairman of the Board of Directors